Sat. Apr 13th, 2024 – Circulating a viral video of a pocong ghost sighting in Kranggan Village, Lasem District, Rembang Regency, viral on social media.

The viral video has shocked local residents.

Now, residents are on guard and busy looking for the whereabouts of the pocong ghost.

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Seen in the viral video, the figure of a pocong ghost is swaying in a bamboo garden and residents are hunting for the whereabouts of pocong.

“The sighting of the pocong ghost has been troubling residents since four days ago. To anticipate this incident, residents are on guard,” said Widodo.

Regarding the terror act of pocong ghost sightings in their jurisdiction, the Lasem Police immediately carried out a round-the-clock patrol with residents.

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“Based on the identification results at the two incident locations, we can confirm that the viral video of the pocong ghost sighting is a hoax, aka not true, because it is not identical to the locations in the two villages,” said Kapolsek Lasem AKP Arief Kristiawan.

Currently, his party is giving an appeal so that people do not need to panic, because it is feared that excessive panic will later trigger criminals to commit crimes.

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