Sun. Apr 14th, 2024 – Richard Theodore or @callmerichs, a TikToker who is known for his content that often shares his fortune, is now angering netizens.

Netizens are angry because the TikTok video uploaded by @Donnyrapu features TikToker @callmerichs which contains a test of the honesty of a stall keeper in NTT.

In the video, the TikToker accuses the shop keeper of being dishonest because he didn’t call him when he left his cell phone behind.

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Donnyrapu and callmerichs are known to be in NTT with several other TikTokers for a social program.

At the beginning of the video, TikToker Donny Ramadhan or who is known as @Donnyrapu, highlights Richard while recounting the incident where his cellphone was left in the shop.

The stall is thought to be on another island so the two had to take a boat to leave.

Why don’t we see if the NTT people are honest or not?Said Richard, who was immediately connected by Donny.

Okay, let’s take a test, this is real, this is an honesty test. We’ll see if his father is honest or not,said Donny.

The video then switches to showing the two of them who have landed and immediately run to the stall in question.

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From the video, Richard appears to enter a small shop with yellow wooden walls with several tables and chairs in front of him.

Richard then found his cellphone placed on top of a jar that was in the window right in front of the stall keeper standing.

He then took his cellphone and asked the shop keeper why he didn’t call when his cellphone was left behind.

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