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BONSERNEWS.com – The video of a number of midwives in Palu City, Central Sulawesi, doing a TikTok dance when a mother is about to give birth has gone viral on social media. What happened?

A number of midwives can be seen dancing on TikTok when a patient is about to give birth. “While waiting for the water to break.

The midwife shakes first,” wrote the narrative on the account @bidanpractice. In the viral video, the midwife dancing this viral TikTok was uploaded on Friday (17/6/2022).

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The midwife who owns the viral TikTok account, Wayan Agustini, confirmed the dancing action. Agustini said dancing was to entertain patients.

“That’s right, the viral TikTok video of the dancing was made while waiting for the patient’s waters to break. We intend to entertain the patient,” said Agustini.

Agustini is known to be the owner of the Independent Practicing Midwife who is located at Jalan Soeprapto, Palu City.

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Apart from being entertaining, said Agustini, the video is actually intended to be educational. He admitted that he had first asked permission from the husband and the patient.

“That was with the permission of her husband and family. The patient was surprised why it went viral, even though the patient himself was amused. The patient in the video has given birth twice at my place,” he said.

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