Mon. Mar 4th, 2024 – This time, there was a live piano performance that made netizens laugh.

This live piano performance is very entertaining and makes the audience laugh out loud until their stomach hurts.

This live piano performance is performed by a group of 9 people, however this performance is very funny and will make you laugh out loud.

The video of this live piano performance was uploaded by the account @matadunia and has reached 166K likes and 131K shares.

It is not clear exactly where and where the live piano performance will be held.

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But what is certain is that the live piano performance has been shared by more than hundreds of thousands of netizens.

The implementation of this live piano is very unique consisting of 9 people, 8 people being the piano notes and one person playing the notes.

Of the 8 people who became live piano notes, their backs were turned to the audience by sitting squatting and their hands touching the floor in front of them.

The 8 people are sequential according to the notes Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do, so each of these 8 has their own function.

Sequence 1 functions as Do, Sequence 2 functions as Re and so on until it reaches no Do.

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Then how to play it? well, this is where it’s very funny and makes me laugh out loud, after one person is in charge of sounding the note with his voice, the 8 will lift his buttocks according to the note sounded.

If the sound is Do then the Do sequence will lift its buttocks like a piano being pressed and so on.

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