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BONSERNEWS.com – Entering a new relationship may always be exciting. Butterflies in the stomach, getting to know each other’s facts and quirks really feels good.

As with humans in general, you will want to immediately tell friends, friends, family, and even the world about this new happiness. As you and your partner get closer, you may also want to post photos of them together on social media.

If social media posting is primarily your love language, you may feel confused or annoyed if your partner doesn’t post about you as much or in the same way.

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You may wonder if this behavior is a sign of the shallow love of your partner for you?

There is a popular dating trend that describes and explains their behavior: “pocketing“. But what exactly “pocketing” is it, and how big of a problem is it? Or is it just a difference in social media playing habits?

Getting to Know the Term ‘Pocketing’ in a Relationship That Makes You Feel a Secret, Here’s How to Overcome It!

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Pocketingis the new buzzword for not disclosing your relationships or people you’ve (have) seen on social media,” says Katherine Glaser, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker with Thriveworks in Tampa was launched by Well and Good. Katherine Glaser has 19 years of experience working with couples and adults with relationship problems.

In other words, pocketing is “keeping your partner in your pocket,” something like that.

Your partner can pocket you if they haven’t posted about you but are otherwise active social media users.

“Almost everyone is using social media these days, where it is commonplace to post pictures of our lives, friends, family, pets and even what we ate for lunch,” Glaser continues.

“So if the person you see is active on social media but shows no sign of you, you may be experiencing pocketing.”

Then is there a point where your partner “should” be posting about you? Glaser says there are no absolute conditions, but pocketing it’s more likely if your partner hasn’t posted about you after you’ve both agreed to be in a relationship.

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