Sat. Apr 13th, 2024 – Koma Si Jeruk is the name of a Tiktok account that has followers reaching one million people.

Koma Si Jeruk is the nickname given by the owner to the cat which is the icon of the Tiktok account.

The content from the Koma The Cat account is liked by many Tiktok users so that the video content that they make often goes viral with an audience of up to millions.

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The light content that tells the cat’s daily life with its owner turned out to be entertaining for the audience.

Seeing the interest from the public, the account owner tries to create consistent content every day.

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Nanda the owner of the account created challenge to create twenty-four hours of twenty-four video content prior to his farewell video going viral.

It’s a shame it turns out that the excitement of this content about Coma actually has to stop in June 2023.

To be precise, on June 12, 2023, the account owner and the person who has maintained a coma since childhood uploaded a farewell video because he was going to stop making accounts about commas again.

The video went viral and reached eleven million viewers.

In the video, he explains his sadness at having to part with the comatose cat he has been caring for for seven months since the cat was two months old.

Apart from that, he also apologized for not uploading videos lately because there was a problem that prevented him from making Tiktok Koma videos.

He also revealed the reason why he would stop making Tiktok Koma videos again, namely because his ex asked him to return his cat after seven months of being taken care of by Nanda.

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