Will a rise in LGBTQ content mean more awards acclaim?

Looking at the events from the past few years, we are now sure about the share of the LGBTQ community and the fact that how well its content is beneficial to the awards team.

Recently we get to cherish the performance of the LGBTQ community on the TV screens in the USA. Topics such as LCBTQ which were considered taboo for long are now coming in front and are dominating the television industry. Earlier people of same-gender were not seen on the TV that too embracing each other. The cast and crew which is working behind promoting this thing, is using their own storyline to give the audience new content. Surprisingly, it is resulting in more awards buzz for this marginalized community. But they are not sure if Hollywood will ever accept this competition from the side of the LGBTQ community.

Jonathan Taylor, who is an award consultant made many statements regarding this. He said, “The entertainment business, considering how successful it is and how much money it makes, does an amazing job of overlooking the particular interests of particular communities”. Adding to this he also made a statement saying that “I saw more LGBTQ+ representation than ever at this year’s Emmys. But still not as much as there could have been.”

How time has changed for the LGBTQ community?

“Queer as Folk,” “The L Word” and “Looking” are some examples to prove the same. These are the shows that were not considered for nomination at the Golden Globes and Emmys. Earlier TV series like “Will & Grace” which focused on LGBTQ were not taken into consideration for the nomination in awards and were treated merely as a topic of fun. But now, the times have changed with Billy porter winning an award for “Pose” at 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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Billy, who acted as a gay was nominated for the lead drama actor, won the trophy too. This series has taken into consideration many social taboos such as HIV, being transgender, along with being black. Although the actors who played such roles in this series are yet to be nominated for the awards, it is a great achievement for LGBTQ for even being nominated for something over which they do not have control.

Actors of the drama series noms are all eligible for Globes again, for their second season and for Emmy as well. This proves that significant changes have been started to take place in the benefit of LGBTQs.

Some achievements bagged by LGBTQs

There are many examples other than “Pose” that are bringing the LGBTQ performers in the highlighting spot. “Where We Are on TV” report from GLAAD Media Institute shows that more than 10 percent of performers are identified as LGBTQ in the broadcast shows. “The L Word: Generation Q,” “Euphoria” and “Modern Love,” are some examples of the same.

With an increase in the on-screen representation of LGBTQs, we could see more opportunities for them in the representation of awards nominations and voting. But awards are a secondary concern. The primary thing that the LGBTQ community is looking forward to is inclusivity. They want to be included at the storytelling level first and then other things will start getting right automatically.