What Mark Hamill has to say about his 1976 Star Wars audition?

Mark Hamill, who is known for performing the character of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, has recently reacted to his audition which he gave for the Star Wars audition in the year 1976. Since the launch of Star Wars- episode 9 is near, Mark thought of a new way to collect charity for some organization. The interview was between him and Harrison Ford, another character who played Han Solo in the series.

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Detailed insight into the interview video

Mark Hamill has a lot to say about this audition and breaks down in occasional laughter in the mid-way of watching the interview. The actor gives his insights on behind the scene activities in the episode.

In the reaction video, we have seen him saying that “[Harrison] is better in the screen test than I am and he’s off-camera!” Adding to his statement about Han Solo, he said “Why did I call him ‘Hans’ instead of ‘Han’?” this was the first time when Mark met Han.

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In the reaction video, he also spoke about his Beatle-Esque haircut, which he calls his biggest contribution to the look of Skywalker. He also said that they had some confusion regarding pronouncing some words and then George finally came to a conclusion to pronounce the words as they wish to because it didn’t really matter for George.

Speaking about Carrie, Mark mentioned that, when he first met her, he completely had no idea that she was a feminist. He was puzzled to see this side of her because he thought her to be completely different. Also, he had no idea that he is the one through whom the story of Star Wars is going to be depicted. He realized this when he opened the first page of the script.

Final words-

There were many interesting things which Mark told in the video and you can watch the video to have complete insight into it. If you wish to take the opportunity to meet Mark and win yourself some special gifts that are mentioned above, then you may get to know the specific details of the same by searching for it on the Internet.