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BONSERNEWS.com – There is hope in language. That phrase has a deep meaning for Syifa Arya, a deaf friend who refuses to stop doing the things she believes in.

The language Syifa uses can be different from that of most people. But he believes, like any form of language, the most important is the message contained in it; and the message he always wants to convey is about enthusiasm and happiness.

The way Syifa feels happy is very simple. Enough with him having the opportunity to work and make people around him smile.

He always wants to exchange feelings of joy. That was the reason that made him join Difabis, an MSME driven by disability groups. He wants to continue working and spread messages of happiness.

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Syifa feels that Difabis is a good place for her to actualize herself.

“I joined Difabis since January 2021. I am very interested in joining to study, work, so that I know how to open a business and make a living. I am very happy to do this,” said Syifa in Jakarta, Thursday 22 June 2023.

Kedai Difabis has given Syifa the opportunity to develop herself and make herself feel no different from the people around her. He felt more confident and energetic.

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Difabis is a business built by the DKI Jakarta Baznas (BAZIS), thanks to the support of zakat, infaq, and community alms funds.

The difabis where Syifa and her colleagues work is located in the Kendal Tunnel, Dukuh Atas, Central Jakarta, with a wide selection of menus ranging from coffee, tea and cakes.

M. Ananda Rizky, who is familiarly called Kiky, also feels happy to be able to work. He is a deaf friend full of enthusiasm, just like Syifa.

Initially, in December 2022, Kiky joined Difabis to gain experience. But now he is starting to enjoy his profession as a barista in earnest.

Kiky considers that the coffee he serves is one way of communicating.

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