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BONSERNEWS.com – No one can choose to be born as a rich man’s child or to be born as a poor man’s child. And every family has its own problems.

Born into a rich family or born into a poor family, each has its pluses and minuses. The two situations are complete with their own challenges.

Plus Minus People Born Poor


1. Survival skills

People who are born poor often have strong survival skills. They learn to overcome obstacles and face challenges with creativity and persistence.

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2. Motivation for success

A difficult life can be a driving force for them to achieve success. People who are born poor are often highly motivated to improve their lives and achieve financial success.

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3. Appreciation of value for money

People who grow up in conditions of deprivation often have a better understanding of the importance of money and economic values. They learn to appreciate every opportunity and work hard to take advantage of it.


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