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BONSERNEWS.com – Open communication between partners is important in a relationship.

However, we often find partners sometimes like to code (speak using code) so it’s hard to understand.

When faced with a cheating partner or boyfriend, what should you do?

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One that can be taken is to try to understand and interpret the code given by the partner.

Semiotics is an alternative to help us understand the pair code language.

Semiotics is the study of signs and meaning, how signs (including symbols, words, objects, movements and even behavior) are used to communicate meaning in various contexts.

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Reported by Bonsernews.com from various sources, here are some of the urgency and significance of semiotics, especially with regard to understanding partner code language.

1. Understand the Code Language

Coded language is a form of communication in which partners use signs or symbols that have special meaning to them.

Semiotics allows us to analyze these signs and identify their associated meanings.

By understanding the partner’s coded language, we can understand the messages they convey to each other in a better way.

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