Sat. Apr 13th, 2024 – Rumors circulated that the Fund application went bankrupt? Is it true?. Due to the large number of failed transactions using funds, netizens speculated that the application for funds went bankrupt some time ago.

This is because many transfers were declared successful but did not go to the destination account.

This makes fund users feel dissatisfied with the service, even for days and it has not been credited to the destination account.

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Many complained about this problem, especially on Twitter, but the admin actually responded only on Twitter but did not provide any follow-up.

Dana is an e-wallet application that is widely used in Indonesia because it provides a variety of attractive promos to free transfers, which is how this application became popular.

This makes this application widely used, especially in terms of financial transactions.

Funding applications also often provide attractive promos when you use funds as a means of payment when buying something.

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However, in recent days, users have complained that the transfer and what they did was declared successful but did not reach the destination.

In fact, many users have transferred for days but have not entered.

Not only that, problems were also experienced in terms of opening applications, login problems, e-money top ups, transfer difficulties, etc.

Many users on Twitter have complained about this so that they get a reply from the admin and follow up.

However, the response is given where the user is asked to wait first, where the problem is still being handled by the resolution team.

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