Mon. Mar 4th, 2024 – Twitter netizens were shocked by the video of a TikToker who thought that hazelnuts were the same as hazelnuts.

The video was uploaded by the Twitter account @txtdarikuliner on June 12, 2023 which contains content from a TikToker who is saying that hazelnuts are the same as hazelnuts.

How old do you know hazelnuts are the same as hazelnuts,” wrote TikToker @rena.reksya in the video listed.

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The woman in the video also admits that she was shocked when she found out that hazelnuts are the same as hazelnuts.

How old do you know that hazelnut is hazelnut, guys, hazelnut is another name for candlenut,he said.

If I was 27,” continued the TikToker with a chuckle because he also just found out about this.

He then shared his experience of going to Japan and eating chocolate filled with hazelnuts which were round and tasted delicious.

He was then curious and found out more about hazelnuts because he felt familiar with their shape.

From the search results, he concluded that hazelnuts are the same as candlenuts in Indonesia.

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I thought that while I often ate it, what kind of peanut is this, how come it’s so delicious, right, but how come it looks like you know it,he said.

Finally, I searched, what is the Indonesian language for hazelnut? And it turns out to be hazelnut, guys.” continued the woman.

Furthermore, he also suggested that those who want to taste chocolate filled with hazelnuts can buy candlenuts at the market and then coat them yourself with chocolate.

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