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BONSERNEWS.com – Entrepreneur Raymond Chin reveals 5 types of people that he thinks need to be avoided in order for someone to be successful.

This opinion video about 5 people who need to be avoided to be successful was uploaded on Raymond Chin’s YouTube channel on Monday, 17 July 2023.

According to Raymond Chin, these 5 types of people will not prevent someone from being successful, but can pull us back in achieving our big dreams.

Not only that, Raymond Chin also thinks that associating with these 5 types of people will drain his energy and make him unhappy.

What are the 5 types of people that need to be avoided to achieve success according to Raymond Chin? Let’s look at the explanation of this entrepreneur who was born in Yogyakarta, December 7, 1994.

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1. People Who Always Say “Money Doesn’t Matter”

Raymond Chin divides the types of people who always say “Money is not important” into two types of the spectrum.

On the first spectrum, there are people who often echo money as not important because they already have a lot of it.

“If you see there are lots of actors or billionaires in the world who feel like they have too much money to live, but many of them are not happy,” explained Raymond Chin.

“Why can they issue a statement like that? Because they can already feel a lot of money but still can’t get happiness, “continued the founder of Sevenpreneur and Cattle Money.

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Raymond Chin then stressed that this does not apply to people whose economic condition is still below the bottom.

According to the businessman who graduated from Binus University, these statements from rich people will potentially extinguish people’s enthusiasm to work hard for money simply because it is assumed that rich people feel that money does not make them happy.

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