Sat. Apr 13th, 2024 – Compass is a local shoe brand which is quite popular in Indonesia. In 2022, Compass made a breakthrough with the release of the Velocity V1 shoe.

The Compass Velocity V1 has gone viral because many influencers and public figures have promoted this shoe.

At first glance, the Compass Velocity V1 shoe has a very different design from other Compass shoes.

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But who would have thought, behind the virality of these shoes, it turns out that many consumers are complaining about the discomfort of these shoes.

The YouTube Shoe Workshop account then dissected the Compass Velocity V1 shoes to see the construction and evaluate the materials used.

Previously, Shoe Workshop was a YouTube channel that created a lot of educational content about shoes.

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In a video titled “Compass Velocity Shoe Surgery,” a creator named Dimas expressed his opinion about Compass Velocity before disassembling the shoes.

At the beginning of the video, Dimas said that Compass is indeed moving away from their comfort zone after continuing to make shoes that are ‘just like that’.

Compass Velocity V1 is considered to be a blend of classic shoes with running shoe technology.

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In the video, Dimas reveals the many shortcomings of these shoes, starting from the uneven soles of the shoes, to imperfect finishing.

Finally, surgery on the Compass Velocity V1 shoe was performed, and Dimas explained in more detail about the shoe.

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