Mon. Mar 4th, 2024 – The idea of ​​an independence contest is a way to commemorate the moment of the Republic of Indonesia’s anniversary by every Indonesian nation.

In every corner of the country, looking for ideas for an independence contest is a spirit to commemorate independence so it doesn’t fade away.

In addition to flag ceremonies and parades, many residents are looking for ideas to hold an independence contest in an interesting way to celebrate the seventeenth day.

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Here are ten contest ideas that can enliven the August 17 Independence Day celebration with joy and pride:

1. Red and White Flag Coloring Contest: Invite children and youth to participate in the Red and White flag coloring competition.

This competition not only stimulates their creativity, but also helps them understand the significance of the country’s flag.

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2. Independence Speech Contest: Open opportunities for the public, especially students and university students, to talk about the history and values ​​of independence in a speech contest.

This is a great opportunity to strengthen the sense of patriotism among participants.

3. Traditional Dance Competition: Organize regional traditional dance competitions to promote Indonesia’s rich culture.

This competition will revive the noble cultural heritage and appreciate the works of ancestral art.

4. Patriotic Song Writing Contest: Challenge local musicians to create patriotic songs that inspire the spirit of nationalism.

These songs can be a symbol of pride and the spirit of the nation’s struggle.

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