Mon. Mar 4th, 2024 – This time, the virtual world is again shocked by the phenomenon at 31.30 which is busy being the talk of TikTok netizens.

The appearance at 31.30 naturally aroused the curiosity of TikTok netizens.

So what is the hidden meaning of 31.30 which is viral on TikTok?

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Given that many netizens are starting to speculate that this 31.30 is the devil’s hour.

This is because at 31.30 this is an unusual number as it should be.

The viral video, which was first uploaded by an account on TikTok, quickly went viral.

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Views alone have reached the million mark.

Even the comments page also touched tens of thousands of comments from netizens.

“I swear at that time I didn’t feel weird,” wrote the account @ste_vani04.

The account tells of a slightly odd experience about 31:30.

“But I was able to search on Google “what time is 31 o’clock?”

The meaning of 31.30 which is viral on TikTok is indeed quite confusing.

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