Sun. Apr 14th, 2024 – Not only is the Bermuda Triangle in Portorico famous, Indonesia also has the terrifying Masalembo Triangle.

The Masalembo waters, which are located off the coast of Sulawesi, have an interesting and mysterious reputation as is the famous case of the sinking of the KMP Tampomas II in these waters.

Amidst its stunning natural beauty, there are stories and legends about strange occurrences, disappearances of ships, and hard-to-explain phenomena.

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Known as the “Masalembo Triangle,” this area has attracted the interest of many researchers and mystery enthusiasts.

Here are some of the incidents that occurred in Masalembo waters and the mysteries that surround them.

1. Disappearance of Ships and Planes

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Masalembo waters have witnessed the loss of several ships and planes over the years.

Some reports report that ships and planes passing through this area suddenly disappear without a trace.

An investigation into the disappearance of vessels such as the KM Sinar Bangun in 2018 found that adverse weather conditions and strong currents could be contributing factors to this incident.

However, many incidents of disappearance of ships and planes in Masalembo waters are still unresolved to this day.

2. Disturbed Magnetic Direction

One of the phenomena that makes Masalembo interesting for researchers is the irregularity in the magnetic direction in this area.

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